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We were able to reach out and resolve this reviewer's questions and concerns. He has been fully refunded. We're sorry he won't be with us as shipping ramps up but we hope to see him in the future.
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Seymour Segnit and his companies do a great job with PR and managing social media, but he is a classic con artist. He is in fact a brilliant con artist.

He plays the part to perfection. He takes a good idea (there has to be a product, any product will do, but there needs to be something) and uses it to convince people to invest in it (him). That part is fine and normal. What makes it a scam, or con, is that instead of spending time and money on developing, producing and shipping the product, he spent it on marketing and generating investments.

Instead of delivering on his promise, he spends his energy on getting more funding to support his PR machine and lifestyle. I am a fool for having sent him my money.

Crowd funding has it's risks, but Seymour didn't even try to deliver on his promise. Instead he just took the money and is asking for more.

User's recommendation: Don't keep investing/funding his businesses until he actually delivers on his promises.

Monetary Loss: $1878.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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