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Hi Tom:

Kate here from MAGFAST answering you.

I checked our records and yes thank you for supporting MAGFAST! You did indeed pre-order the MAGFAST Family Pro Kit which includes everything but the MAGFAST Time charger for Apple Watch.

I have resent your receipt so please be on the lookout for that! Please check all your email folders as we sent you a receipt immediately after you placed your pre-order. It contains all the details including our normal and best way to contact Customer Service:

A couple of things to keep in mind as we work towards production and shipping:

1: We do updates just about every week, published Saturdays at

2: We’ll email you as promised once a week with news and updates

3: This project is ONLY possible thanks to folks like you who’ve taken the trouble to look closely at what we’re doing and support the process. We couldn’t be more grateful!

Thanks again, Tom.

I ordered today -7/09/2019. Pre-Order #W190709-51239.

Is my order everything but the apple Watch charger.

I think it was.Just have MAGFAST get back with me and not you or your company in anyway as you are not the the MAGFAST LLC. Do not alter mt request nor information provided.

Store Location: Sacramento, California

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