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We understand this supporter's concerns, and ask him to stay with us only if he's committed. There is no equivalent product in Home Depot or any other retailer. We can't find any previous correspondence from him and ask that anyone with questions contact our customer service team: they are very responsive. Our team is contacting and will always make things right.
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Update by user May 26

UPDATE after Magfast team reached out (again). This time, they arbitrarily issued a refund before getting a response by me.

My response was, "I would still like to receive my items"- but, now, there's no chance. They have however commented here incorrectly.There ARE similar items at Home Depot: w/the wall mount electrical outlet charger/ usb attachment charger. And I ordered almost the exact same cradle unit from Wish.

Sure there's some minor differences, like magnets & the usb tips in the back, but, they fell asleep at the wheel on this. I would love to buy from them, I would love to order my products again, and give them a chance to redeem themselves- but, I guess w/ COVID, they're not up to speed on what mail-order retail could be.

Update by user Apr 26

CORRECTION! I was hesitant when I made my initial order, and only ordered 3 items for $44: Pre-order detailsx1 FREEMAGFASTWallYou’ll receive the upgrade adding surge protection as our thank you for sharing on social media.x1 ExtraMAGFASTWallx1 MAGFASTAirThe Perfect Qi Charger for your Desk or WallI would've ordered more after watching the WAY TOO LONG video about their products, but, I had the time to kill and some impulse money.

Now, I've found these same products at Home Depot for less. :(

Original review posted by user Apr 25

ShrugI'm guessing I'm still like everyone else that hopes for something. Yes, they have written back once on IG, yes, they have written back in e-mail w/ the same rhetoric (we're a crowd funded, yada yada, 1st come the investors (which I was): but, how long do we have to wait without someone contacting us w/ at least an idea about how long, us paying customers will wait?

I've waited on buying the same product elsewhere, in hopes that mine will be shipped- or at least contacted w/ an expectation of a timeline, since some have received their product already?

Like how about a pic of the tree that was planted or something?

Now Home Depot is selling the same products.Sad

p.s. after seeing the note below about the terms, on how they don't have to mail anything to us, it's very disheartening.

User's recommendation: Shop around.

Monetary Loss: $44.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

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