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Hey Peggy. Its such a pleasure to have supporters like you following us so closely and saying things like ""I have never seen a more transparent company"".

We do our best! Please drop us a line with any thoughts and suggestions you have as you see this adventure unfold!
Toronto, Ontario

I am not sure why this company is receiving people's disdain. The product is IN DEVELOPMENT, and is scheduled to be released early in 2019. I have never seen a more transparent company, and I know, from my experience with their previous product, that this will be a knock-out

Product or Service Mentioned: Magfast Charger.

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That’s a bunch of crock and bull story that Magfast has been spinning. Where is the deliverables? I have not seen anything on the market that somebody said that they have tried and use.

Karl k

True comments. Nothing bad to say about magfast I do not understand what and why people are pissed.

L think the negative comments are a scam to hurt legitimate companies.

The details of the company and their products should be looked at by the naysayers closely. I do not think the negative remarks are not true, just a scam to hurt people.