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I'm sorry you don’t feel that our presentation is totally open and transparent.

Tens of thousands of people have seen this video now and several thousand have trusted us with a pre-order, fully understanding that this is a crowdfunding project. We talk about that repeatedly in the presentation and our website speaks repeatedly about crowdfunding and pre-ordering.

Check it out and then please let us know how we can do better and what we could have done to avoid this misunderstanding.

Also, please check your email as all our customers get weekly updates, usually with a video from our founder, updating news on development, answering questions, or giving some insight from behind the scenes as we work to make these chargers great.

Customer service runs full time Monday-Friday and often the team works over the weekend too. We respond to every call and every email, so if you’ve not heard back please check your spam folders and call-blocking settings for your phone.
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they are selling a product that has not been produced I place an order with them in JULY OF 2018, my account was billed 19.00 0n the 29th July 2018 and again 30th July then for 67.00 for Aug, Sept, Oct and Nov2018. I have tried to reach the company for months and did get a call back in Sept and was told in a very British accent, " due to the overwhelming response demand exceeded supply and that they were expecting to ship in late Sept early Oct.".

It is now mid Nov. and still no produce has been shipped. I tried to call the phone number 917-624-**** and get a recording in again a very British accent, giving me two options one to order their product or go to and send an email.

I was not able to get in touch with them. Wtf

Product or Service Mentioned: Magfast Shipping Service.

Reason of review: product has not been manufactured yet this is a scam.

Monetary Loss: $306.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

MAGFAST Cons: This is a scam, Being scammed, Misleading video.

Location: Fort Smith, Arkansas

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Not true.


How does $86.00 equate to over $300.00? That doesn’t make sense!!

Did you perhaps watch the video fully and completely without interruption? You must have missed the part, several times in fact, that you would be funding the final product and would receive yours once it went “live” to the public. Plus what’s your problem with them being British? It’s where all the white people came from to rob my people of their god given land.

Just because someone has a accent doesn’t mean they aren’t American citizens. I know many people who have dual citizenship from their family being in the military. YOU are acting intolerant and showing your bigotry. Did you ever reach out and contact them through the correct channel?

Email doesn’t have a accent so you should be able to stand contacting through that process. I’m really amazed that instead of waiting you chose to go on a complainer website and bash them and all because you didn’t understand what you were getting into. That’s not fair and to be honest you should post an apology. YOU have no idea the stresses involved, and all the hoops that they have to jump through.

You basically started to sabotage them before they ever have a chance to screw up! How would you like it? Would you appreciate someone actively attempting to cause your business harm before it ever got off the ground.

Not very nice of you. I would tell you how shameful that what you’re doing is but let’s face it people like you don’t feel shame.


Send an email for goodness' sake. Yes, Seymour is British.

It sounds like you don't like that. You might be an idiot but I will try to educate you. Seymour and family live in the US. He is not an illegal alien.

LOL If you email at hello@***.com as they recommended, you would get an answer in hours if not minutes. I have talked to them several times today. They are always available and open. They hide nothing and have been a reliable company in every way.

I also have been with them for years, since their first charger was produced.

Quit complaining and do some research. You are very wrong and should not be complaining without due diligence on your part.


This person didn't read the details. What they signed up for was to FUND the development, with the product arriving once the development was done.

It was very clear from the start. I can hardly wait until the product is in production, and my product arrives.


If you had really listened to the video it stated they were still in the final phases of production of this product, getting the packaging made for it etc. The video stated that you would get your product when production was complete and to be made available to the public.

I have not ordered anything from them until I see that they are completely done with production.

I have faith that this is NOT a scam and you will indeed get your product very soon. I will order when product is done...don't forget...this IS a New company that has to get everything ready before sending to public