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when i first saw Seymour Segnit's presentation i was very impressed so i ordered life and the tips and after reading more i came back and ordered again, i even recommended the chargers to my mother and a few friends. unfortunately after hearing from several of them that they had not received anything (as well as i, myself) I decided to look deeper.

you see i am a retired federal treasury officer and after serving this country for much of my life I feel a level of responsibility to this country we all love. and upon researching i found out that this is not the first time Mr Segnit has done this. in his first foray into the charging wars, he advocated a product called The thinger, it looks very much like a early version of magfast

I have also discovered that of this writing that there are indeed several better business bureau complaints filed against Mr Segnit and that at least two states including Mr Segnits home state of New York are in the process of investigations. This is where it gets interesting, A states Attorney General does not get involved in something like this unless he has evidence that supports a filing. they are after all a states highest ranked prosecutor.

And that makes this very serious. Now in Mr Segnits defense, he is absolutely correct to say crowdfunding is not the fastest method to success. it relies on early investors to fund future growth. and yes that takes time. but sadly that is also how a ponzi scheme works, using future investors funds to pay off the early investors. until eventually the house of cards folds in on itself.

Magfast is truly a wonderful idea in concept, it truly is. but no one but Mr Segnit truly knows his intentions. he may have the best of intentions, but then again he may not., The Thinger never caught on, and so too may Magfast fail. but I have to advise caution for now.

its a shame the product is a wonderful idea, but Mr Segnit, isnt a tycoon, and he's probably bitten off more than he can chew.


Since posting my original review I have had the pleasure of speaking to a very Considerate young Woman Named Marla Hanson, who took the time to go into much greater detail about about the company and the obstacles they have had to overcome., And while the concerns I voiced are still valid, I would be remiss if I didnt comment on the obvious passion and commitment the family that is Magfast has in the effort to achieve their goals. Not only was I offered an immediate refund,(which I declined, since I still believe in the project itself) but I was offered the opportunity to speak with Mr Segnit himself at MY earliest convenience.

Such actons are not the actions of someone who is dishonest, quite the contrary, Those are the actions of a man with a great conviction in not only his product but in his staff of believers who are determined to create something that not only will become a reality, but truly deliver on the promises made by its founder. These were not mere words, it is obvious to me that this "family" intends to fulfill on its promise of changing "Chargers for Good".

So while the delays and lack of a specific timeline are concerning. Ive come away with the belief that if you're like me, a little faith is always a good thing. Most of us have our own examples of instances in life where the trials were worth the result. if the people I've spoken to at Magfast have any say, this will be another.

User's recommendation: I have to advise caution.

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