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Supposed to be in the 8 pm seminar, but didn’t get email

Supposed to be in the 8 pm seminar tonight, but didn’t get email, so I don’t know how to get in.

1 answer
By Admin on Behalf of the Company #1770474
Thanks Becca-- we sent out your email immediately so must be some kind of glitch. Please email our customer service and they'll be able to take care of you right away. Thanks for checking us out!

where is my charger?

what happened to the charger i ordered in august 2019? it’s taken over a month and i still have NOT received the charger i ordered and yet your company had no problem getting payment from my bank immediately after i placed my order.

payment cleared my bank on aug. 27, 2019 which means it’s been a month and a half. i have NOT received any email explaining this delay. all i get are unimportant emails to me from Seymour Segnit about his vacation, product updates, etc.

i would care if i got my order, instead i’ve sent emails asking for update on status of my order which to this day have been ignored! i am really angry at this point!!!! to think i wasted my time watching the long video about your products and your company can’t email me a short reply to my inquiry!

this is very poor customer service which you supposedly also take pride on in your video. what’s up Seymour Segnit?!?!?!?!?!

1 answer
By Admin on Behalf of the Company #1764432
Hi Agnes: In the demo you saw we explained that we're a crowdfunding project and we are not yet shipping. Please check your spam folder as we've replied to every email you've sent!

Not yet received

How long before I get my chargers? It’s been a month so far, just curious.

1 answer
By Admin on Behalf of the Company #1760905
Hi Timothy, thank you for your question. I see that we've already answered you via email. We appreciate you supporting our crowdfunding project!

information about the Qi charging

My questions fully surround the QI charging abilities Q#1 what is the speed of the charging on an Samsung 10+ is it at normal rate or is it at the fast charge rate? Q#2 currently I have the samsung fast QI charger pads that charge at the FAST rate and with it it requires a 2.0 power supply to charge at the fast charge rate what is your power supply requirements?

Q#3 currently I have the samsung fast charger pad and as a phone protector I use the Otterbox Defender Series for Galaxy S10+ with their wireless charging pad the phone has no problem at charging through the case ... will this be an issue with yours I see in your discussion that it maybe (with as many products as I am looking at ordering MAYBE does not cut it I want a solid answer before ordering and if I do order and it does not work with the Otterbox Defender Series for Galaxy S10+ what is the refund policy?

Q#4 why do you not give the pro version the option of ordering extra pop in ends for the wall plates? and why not bundle them as apple or android for I will NEVER own an apple product if you could get back to me with all the above questions answered that will greatly make my choice much easier Thank you Tony

1 answer
By Admin on Behalf of the Company #1713787

Hi Tony:

Thanks for checking out MAGFAST - and for asking such detailed questions! You are clearly a connoisseur of premium technology!

 Just a note, I had a feeling reading your questions that you might not fully understand that right now we are in the pre-order stage. Essentially this is a crowdfunding where amazing folks are supporting us to get this off the ground. If you have exacting immediate needs you should buy from the normal sources. Please only get involved with MAGFAST or any other crowdfunded startup if you want to help bring it to fruition and enjoy the journey, warts and all. 

That said... 

1: Yes all MAGFAST Qi ports will charge at the fast 10 watt rate for devices that support this standard, 

2: MAGFAST chargers all provide their own power supplies for Qi charging, the only exception being MAGFAST Air which can take USB-C or Micro-USB cables in addition to being powered by the MAGFAST magnetic interface. For optimal charging with Air, use the USB-C input with a power supply of 12w or greater output. 

3: MAGFAST is Qi certified so will work with any case designed for Qi wireless charging. 

4: Our refund policy is never to keep a penny of your money you’re not delighted to have spent with us. 

5: Our Pro Kit comes with tips and cables to support all devices from the last 5 years and the next 10 as we are just at the start of the Qi and USB-C connection standards. The whole point of MAGFAST is that the system sets you up not just for yourself, but so you can easily help others with different devices. 

Again, thanks for checking us out. If you choose to join us and enjoy the journey, I really think you’ll love what we’re doing. if you’d like to review everything now that you’ve read this!


The Magfast video quit working.

Can I still get my free charger? I'm already impressed with it.

Then if it works as advertised I could get family and friends to buy it. I already posted it on my facebook page American Values as well as my personal FB page.

1 answer
By Admin on Behalf of the Company #1711618
Hmm, sorry the video stream stopped on your device. It ran fine for others who attended at the same time as you so maybe it was some kind of local internet issue or browser glitch? Anyway yes OF COURSE you can still join the list to get one of our chargers free once shipping starts (we’ll be shipping our paid pre-orders first of course). We’d love to have you join us. Either register and join us for next event today or tomorrow at: and maybe attend on a different device, or drop us a line any time and we’ll get you sorted out. Thanks so much for loving MAGFAST!

Does the wall come with tips or do you have to add them on?

1 answer
By Admin on Behalf of the Company #1707093
You’re more than welcome to add the tips to your pre-order. We don’t include accessories with the free gift because not every customer wants to use Wall for the same reasons. You can use the tips with Wall, of course, but you can also use the USB ports at the bottom and plug in any length of cord to still utilize the quick charging and keep your outlets free to use. You could also get the MAGFAST Air and charge wirelessly on top of Wall. And sometimes people just want Wall as the base unit for the rest of our products. I hope this makes sense and thank you for checking us out!

When will I receive my order ?

O#190***-***** Date:06/06/2019 I have not recieved my order. When can I expect delivery?

1 answer
By Admin on Behalf of the Company #1707092
Hi Rita! Thanks for contacting us. We have responded to your email that you sent in to customer service. Please check your spam folder if you do not see it. :) Be sure to follow our updates that Seymour sends out almost every Saturday! You can see any that you've missed here: Thank you so much for your support!

How can I reach out to Magfast support?

1 answer
If you need any assistance, you can contact Magfast Customer Service by phone, by email, by mail, or via social networks. 

Magfast Customer Service

  • Mailing Address: MAGFAST LLC 1 Grandview Avenue Cornwall-On-Hudson, New York 12520 United States


How long does it take to Magfast to ship the order?

1 answer
Unfortunately, the company FAQ section doesn’t cover Magfast shipping policy details. It is only stated that the current shipping cost within the continental US is $13. The current shipping cost to Canada is $18 USD. For the rest of the world, it is $23 USD. Please note that these shipping prices may be subject to change. Before Magfast sends out your package, they will be sending you a Final Checkout Email, which will allow you to verify your order. 

Please contact Magfast Customer Support by phone at (863) 624-3278 for further assistance.



I ordered your product over a month ago. When will you ship as I havent received it yet?

1 answer
Hi AcidicKudu142: As we explained during the presentation MAGFAST is a crowdfunding pre-order project. Thank you for being one of thousands of supporters! We always maintain a schedule and countdown to shipping at We're on track for shipping Summer 2019. Please feel free to drop us a line Hello@***.com any time - and follow our weekly updates for supporters - catch up any time at


Hi., After viewing the presentation today, I ordered and paid for 1 pro kit from Magfast. I opted for the 6-month equal payment plan.

Upon stumbling on this site, I wonder if this product is a scam or will I ever receive the product? Any suggestions?

1 answer
Hi TrainedPigeon Thanks for joining the presentation - delighted you're joining us on this journey. I'm sorry we didn't reply here sooner - the Internet is a big place and most folks just get in touch with us by calling or Hello@***.com You should have been receiving our weekly updates - please give us a shout if you have any questions at all. Thank you for trusting MAGFAST!
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