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What is the status of my pre order from when you were a. Start up company

I invested in your start up company about 2-3 years ago ordered the kits with the care charger and the wall and the ice and the extreme but to this far haven't gotten any product that I paid for when ordered you charging kit now I see your cable your cables on Amazon who i am very displeased as I should have received my kit long before see any of your prod on Amazon so I would like a answer on when I will be getting my products that I ordered so long ago thanks you Monique

1 answer
Response #2281240
Thank you for reaching out, Monique. I do see that you've been given a batch number and a ship date for your products. One of our customer care reps reached out to you so please check your inbox. Thank you!

I received the wrong product

Robert P Zbz

I need to speak to someone with regards to my situation. My name is Robert.

Ph# 910-398-**** email is iscreman777@***.com. Thank you for your help

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How to change my email and address so I can receive the chargers when it is sent out to me.

I have not heard back from Magfast concerning my change of address and email address. I am not sure if the chargers were ever sent or not.

I ordered them in 2018 and have changed both physical address and email address.

I would appreciate talking to a live person. Thank you.

1 answer
Response #2214936
Hi there! Thanks for reaching out. I do see that we've communicated with you through email. Your MAGFAST Account is the place where you can change your shipping address and we can manually update your email address for you. Please always reach out to us at Thank you!

2017 is a very long wait

The date I made my order was March 21, 2017. That is now over 5 years. I would like to know when I will be receiving my products.

1 answer
Response #2173839
Hi Michelle. Thank you for your inquiry. We have reached out to you and provided you with additional information and let you know that your ship batch has been assigned. Please look out for an email from Thank you!

What shipping batch number am I in?

I would just like to know what shipping batch number I am in? You MUST have some idea since you know the total number of orders to fill and also have a general idea how many you are capable of shipping per month. Saying 'I will get an email soon' is just noise.

1 answer
Response #2139123
Hi there! Thanks for reaching out. It completely depends on when you pre-ordered, what you pre-ordered, which color, etc. We will take a look at your account and send you an email with more specifics. Thanks, John!

Wondering when I might expect delivery?

I purchased the Family Pro kit along with The Magfast Time on September 24,2020. I read that you started delivering product in December, 2020. Is that true?

1 answer
Response #2043285
Hi Wendy. Please know that the best way to get in contact with us is by emailing our customer care department directly at We began shipping about 2 months ago. We're starting with our earliest supporters and working our way down the list. Please read more about this here: Thank you!

I purchased product last June, including free & several wall plugs. When will this arrive?

1 answer
Response #1978928
Hi there! Thank you for your question. Please check out our Shipping Status Page at You'll find information regarding each product as well as projected ship dates for each.

If you watch the presentation do you get a free charger?

I got a link saying you can get a free charger for participating in the entire presentation and they said at the end you will find out how to get the product. I spent 1 hour and 10 minutes with the q&a session and I still don't know if you get a free charger I think I was misinformed to see the presentation. I liked the product and was interested but I felt tricked so I was upset because I saw a 2am presentation and am tired because I stayed up for nothing sad

1 answer
Response #1945263
Hi there. Thank you for reaching out, I would love to help you. Yes you can claim a free charger for watching the presentation! Thanks so much for doing that. I'm sorry you didn't see the link to checkout. Please get in touch with our customer service so they can help you do that:

How long is the presentation video that must be watched to get the free charger?

How long in say minutes hours or fortnights?

2 answers
Response #1938029
You do not have to watch the presentation if you do not want to. But I will say it contains a lot of information and we prefer that folks watch it just so you know who we are and what we're doing. The presentation is about an hour long. Thank you for wanting to check us out!
@Response Im running on a hour and a half and they are restarting and going through all the products again before giving my link. Looks to be 2 hours actually.
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Why am I being charged

What is my account being charged for?

1 answer
Response #1938028
Hi there. Thank you for reaching out. I do see that we responded to you via email on October 8th explaining that you signed up for our payment plan. Please make sure to check your inbox or spam folder for our reply!


Is it functional for a Samsung A51, plus I have a few other cells around the house. Are there any cellphones it's not compatible with?

My Son has an iPhone. My Husband has a Samsung A51 like me (good for heavy gamers not spending a bunch of cash yet good functionality fyi).

1 answer
Response #1938027
Yes! We support both Apple and Android devices. Whether they use wireless charging or wired charging, we got you covered!

why isn't the product patent

why isn't the product patent?

1 answer
Response #1938025
We are! We just recently got our patent actually :)

Hello, I’m a struggling physically disabled college student.

And I can’t really afford anything let alone the cost of the pro kit. Sure I could Find a loop hole in the system and get plenty of free mag fast wall chargers but I have better character than that!

I don’t want to scam y’all.

I can’t afford anything right now. So what do I do?

1 answer
Response #1938026
Thank you for reaching out. Please contact customer support and they'll be able to help you! Email us at

When will I receive what i paid for ?

Ordered several products March 30 , 2020 never has been delivered to my home. Please deliver . Want to know when this will arrive ?

1 answer
Response #1906952
We would love to help with your concerns. Please know that contacting customer service directly is a much quicker and simpler way to receive answers to your questions. The first receipt she posted is not from our company, however, the second one is. We are a crowdfunding startup and our products are still in development. We expect to start shipping the first products in December which is elaborated at There, we post the latest production news and a detailed, always up-to-date view of status and timeline for each product in the family. In order to address all her concerns, we have emailed this poster and left a voicemail with more information about her preorder and our company, but we have yet to hear back.

Do you expect to ship before the end of 2020?

1 answer
Response #1872989
Hi there! Yes we do expect to ship by the end of 2020. Our project is a great deal more complicated than we originally thought but will be even more rewarding when it's finished. In a few weeks we will have a status section of our site that we will update frequently to help you and our many thousands of supporters stay informed on our project.

Clarify my recent order

When will I be receiving my package

2 answers
Response #1872990
We have contacted this supporter, who may not have understood that this is a crowdfunding campaign. As always, we ask that anyone with questions contact customer support.
@Response I'm seeing this a lot that people don't understand that. I think that's misleading. If someone can go through the whole process of buying a product without understanding that they're joining a crowd funding campaign then there's something wrong on your end of things.
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Is this product really going to ship or what, did i get ripped off?

This is taking incredibly long to get the product. I think I will probably have to right this product off as never seeing it and just blew my money on vapourware.

Now with the covid-19 I am sure you will stall even longer. I tried to find my order and it seems that doesn't exist either so I am not sure what the heck I even signed up to purchase.

This is really frustrating because every video you put out for an update ... your so excited about the product but I don't see it!

3 answers
By Admin on Behalf of the Company #1855465
We did not receive any communication from this supporter, and respectfully ask that anyone with questions contact our customer support directly for help - 7 days a week. In this case, we of course immediately contacted her by phone and email.
@Admin on Behalf of the Company Hi, btw I am a guy, and no one has contacted me as of yet. So try giving a truthful answer ok. Common you can do better. Vaughn
Response #1872992
@PissedConsumer1857166 I apologize for the earlier typo. I do see that we were in communication with this supporter and he received an outcome that he was happy with.
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Why to I hage to put a credit card on file to order my free gift ?

1 answer
By Admin on Behalf of the Company #1851547
There is NO purchase necessary to claim your free gift. It sounds as if you accidentally clicked on one of the other products in the shopping cart. However, I see that customer service has already helped you via email so it looks like you're all set. Many thanks.

How can you be crowd funding for 3 years and still have Zero productivity?

I ordered the upgraded version of the chargers, plus the extra charger, with intent upon purchasing everything else if I liked it. Now I see BBB reviews of Zero products being shipped with orders dating back to 2017.

3 years is an incredibly long period of time with zero results. Especially with your initial brag about almost matching Apple with your initial launch. I have no problem waiting a month or two. But anything beyond that, I probably wont be living here anymore.

I realize I have 72 hours for full refund. Please explain to me why I should hold out.

1 answer
By Admin on Behalf of the Company #1817217
Hi Sarah, thank you for writing in with your feedback. Please go check out the weekly updates that have gone out very nearly every week since this project began. I think you'll get a better understanding of who we are and what we're doing -- and that there's DEFINITELY been progress. :)

Are they able to start shipping yet ?

I invested (about $300) after I saw their video and was wondering when they would start shipping their products.

1 answer
By Admin on Behalf of the Company #1788100
Hi Frank! We expect to start shipping soon in Spring 2020. Please check out our weekly updates as they will help you keep up with the process. :)
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