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We’re sorry that we weren’t able to get your MAGFAST to you as soon as you'd hoped. We’re grateful to everyone who supports us working to make these products. It’s a long journey and we understand that sticking with us the whole way is not for everyone. But our policy is non-negotiabe: Every customer must be happy. Period.

You chose a monthly 6-payment plan in US$. Because you are in Canada different amounts showed up on your card as the US$-CA$ exchange rate was different each month.

Checking the records I see we have communicated with you extensively via customer service but haven’t confirmed your PayPal address with us so we can correct the issue where your credit card company was blocking a refund we’ve been trying to send. Please check your email, or start a new ticket at and lets get this resolved.
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I have contacted them 4 times and still they haven't refunded me, plus they charged me again! Here is a copy of the last email I sent to Hello@***.com.

Magfast Customer no care!!

as per attached I asked that you cancel my order and refund my money since your production date was a lie! Since I sent this email Megfast has again charged my account for a product I know longer want.

In Canadian funds you now have taken from me:

Sept 21, 2018 $89.78

Oct 23, 2018 $91.04

Nov 22, 2018 $92.36

Dec 24, 2018 $94.39

For a total of $367.57 in Canadian Funds

still no reply, this company requires some legal action from the BBB immediately!

Product or Service Mentioned: Magfast Customer Care.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

Monetary Loss: $368.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

MAGFAST Cons: This is a scam, Misleading video, Being scammed.

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His presentation was a huge temptation for me and doing the payment plan made it even more inviting. I wanted it to be legit, I could really make use of these products, it was exciting.

Always cautious though I had to look thing up. However, after reading this, so detailed, concise and well written I can't risk the money. I don't see but 1 pro comment, and my problem is the presentation makes it sound as if we/buyers should be getting products immediately upon payment so if there was a waiting period of manufacturing till send out it should have been said clearly and several times in the video. That definitely wasn't the case, but it seems to many complaints on here are no products and no customer service.

Thank you for helping me decide. Too bad, I really liked this idea and product, I hate all the wires.


I was cheated too, paid for 2 items in 2017 July and never received items as promised. No response from them when made inquiries through emails.

Instead all I get is weekly updates of the setbacks from manufacturers that would not deliver their products because of design changes. One excuse after another.