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Thanks for supporting us back at our original launch. You’re correct, this project is taking much longer than expected, but only because we’re insisting on creating something great. As our founder said back in 2017, the world doesn’t need any more chargers of the quality that are out there today. The only point in launching a new system is to be way, way better. It turns out that even the best charger manufacturers are only used to delivering the average-quality products that fill your drawers and the country’s landfills. Our choice all along has been to give up and settle for more-of-the-same (exactly the opposite of what we promised). Or to take the far, far longer and harder path and do what we promised and work to create something world-class and report on our progress. That’s what we’re doing and we understand that not everyone will want to stick with us as we do this.

Large order placed in March of 2017 after one of their online live videos with a promise to increase the order if you act now (in retrospect, it has all the markings of a scam, I was just not paying attention). Over a period of 2 1/2 YEARS there have been constant group emails about how this or that is going well, there is a setback on another thing, just wait and you'll get more, etc.

No responses to customer service emails.

At this point, duplicating this complaint to Consumer Reports, BBB, State of NY, and anywhere else to spread the word.

My "receipt" for purchase was #[1***-4461] (they will have the actual receipt, but it can be verified) along with emails detaining the invoice/receipt and Visa processing. Unfortunately VISA has told me its too long to extract a refund, however I can get their business added to the fraud department for further investigation.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

Monetary Loss: $891.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

MAGFAST Pros: Regular updates.

MAGFAST Cons: Length of time from order to production and delivery, Being scammed, Expectations continue to shift even after greater than two years, No reputable third party reviews or recommendations, No valid third party confirmation of actual devices.

  • String Along
  • No Actual Product
  • Web Page Markups
  • No Independent Reviews
  • Fake Best In Class
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