I see many positive reviews about how wonderful the Company is, and I hope the millions of dollars that people have invested pays off at some point. But I invested in his first charger the ThingsCharger and I did eventually get the chargers that were promised.

But that Company went bankrupt - he was honest about it, he got too big too fast, whatever.

When he decided to create another company I invested again, and I have received hundreds of updates, revisions, etc...and many requests for investors. It's been years......has anyone received anything?

They are giving away expensive prizes, paid for of course by all the investor monies...as well as the many employees salaries.......traveling all over the world.

I think it's taking way too long.....and continued requests for investors makes me feel they just need money to keep it going....I hope I'm wrong.

User's recommendation: Great Hype - but "where's the beef???" Be careful.

Location: Jensen Beach, Florida

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