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product quality looks amazing, I think Seymore is more of an engineer and not a Marketer, Hire a professional, that will do a great presentation. We arent dumb.

I think you lost a lot of customers by talking too much. Gave 1 hr thirty minutes of my precious time, recommended to my friends on facebook, and did not even receive an email or did they ask for my name, address, etc. are they so great that they are also mind reading products. i think it was a very sneaky way to get all your info, and you recommend to all your contacts, and magfast is not clear about your gift or about paying for shipping!!!

I hope someone is ethical enough to get back to me, otherwise, no matter how great your product, youll be bankrupt because of these practices, just be honest and upfront, and shorten the presentation by 1 hour and thirty minutes!!!

zmy time is worth Many pro packs!! I am upset, I think your being very dishonest, and pretend not to realize it, SNEAKY is the word.

User's recommendation: sneaky.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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