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The individual who wrote this comment is, respectfully, the reason ‘we can’t have nice things any more’.
The internet can be such a powerful force for good, but this individual uses it merely to intimidate merely to harass. Over time we have learned that he is no more than an internet predator who spends his time attempting to damage the reputation of others under the guise of a ‘writer’ or ‘expert’.
As a company we expect and welcome criticism… we do not expect someone who is not a customer and with whom we have no relationship to actively and repeatedly attack us and numerous other innocent parties. without provocation.
He has intimidated members of our staff and our families and engaged in defamation, and tortious interference. Our research shows that this is a pattern of behavior stretching back many years.
He has wasted countless management hours that would have been much better spent focussed on making our amazing products and serving our even more amazing customers.
He has also inflicted significant costs onto a young company and a team that’s simply trying to get a new business off the ground. Please keep your personal information private on this site. You don’t want to hear from him.
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Update by user Apr 20

I wrote the original review here and I stand by what I wrote 100%. My name is Jim Rossi & I can be reached at

My upcoming book "Cleantech Con Artists" (summer 2019) includes a section on Magfast founder Seymour Segnit and his associates, who have a documented history of deceptive and fraudulent business practices going back to at least 2003 and "Change That's Right Now" (CTRN), a dubious NLP "cure" for phobias. Buyer beware, many red flags.

Update by user Feb 16

These jokers sent me a cease-&-desist, but when I sent a draft summary of what I found out about Magfast and their previous companies Thingcharger & Change That's Right Now - thousands of complaints alleging fraud, deceptive advertising, false claims, nonexistent customer service, the F from BBB & the Pattern of Complaint warning (see below) - and asked them to provide any evidence or corrections? After lawyering up, they clammed up.

Deceptive, cowardly and predictable. Look for "Cleantech Con Artist" later in 2019 - & in the meantime, buyer beware. Pattern of ComplaintBBB files indicate a pattern of complaints concerning delivery fulfillment and advertising for thingCHARGER, Inc. Consumers tell BBB about ordering one or more charging devices from the company, and being charged for them, but after several weeks, months or even one year have gone by, the merchandise is not received A number of consumers say that after the order was placed, they find out that thingCHARGER, Inc. is conducting a crowdfunding campaign and the devices are a gift for participating in that campaign.

These consumers reportedly believed they were ordering merchandise from the company and were unaware that they were contributing to crowdfunding campaign. Most of the these consumers claim that there is inadequate disclosure of the business’s crowdfunding activities.

Original review posted by user Jan 10

I'm a writer who specializes in fraud prevention. I got interested in thingCHARGER and MAGFast, detected a number of anomalies and falsehoods, and emailed questions to founder Seymour Segnit over the weekend. By today - Wednesday, January 9 - MAGFast took down their investment video and are no longer accepting investments.

Several of MAGFast's people have been involved in previous deceptive and/or fraudulent organizations.

Reason of review: Scam.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

MAGFAST Cons: This is a scam.

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#1633567 Magfast Customer no care!! as per attached I asked that you cancel my order and refund my money since your production date was a lie!

Since I sent this Megfast has again charged my account for product I know longer want. In Canadian funds you now have taken from me: Sept 21, 2018 $89.78 Oct 23, 2018 $91.04 Nov 22, 2018 $92.36 Dec 24, 2018 $94.39 For a total of $367.57 in Canadian Funds This is FRAUD Another Pissed Off person on your list


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