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Hi Veronica. In your comment you say 'all I've ever received are emails and updates'. Respectfully that is exactly what we promised our supporters during the long period it takes to develop these outstanding products.

We understand that crowdfunding isn't for everyone of course. I think if you check out most other teams you'll rarely find folks who communicate with their backers so frequently.

You can review an archive of our weekly updates (95% with accompanying video) from our home page. Just select ‘Updates’ from the menu. Select ‘Trust & Safety’ to see the dozen or so investments we make to protect your interests.

If after reviewing this you still have concerns please let us know. Meanwhile I would respectfully say that using the 's' word is pretty rough on our team: a group of honest hardworking folks trying to make you the best chargers you've ever seen.
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I also invested in Magfast almost $1000 and have received nothing and it's 1 year 5 months since investing. All I've ever received are emails and updates. Will be in touch with my credit card company and will file.

Product or Service Mentioned: Magfast Charger.

Location: Honolulu, Hawaii

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Read the emails and watch the weekly videos. No one has received anything yet, and won't for a little longer.

If you don't have any emails from them, check your spam folder. It is not a scam. You obviously don't know how to read since you don't make any sense about not getting anything.

If you want junk, go to Walmart. If you want good stuff, get your pants unwadded and read your emails from the company.


Founder Seymour Segnit's been running scams for many years - CTRN "NLP," thingCHARGER, and now this.


Still waiting for my "free" charger. Watched their video over 4 months ago. SO DISHONEST


I just watched the whole video for almost two hours. Never had a chance to get my free wall charger.

It's all a scam. Sorry for your loss. This reminds me of the time I ordered a pen for the iPad. I paid almost $100 on kickstarter and I got zero for my money.

The company went belly up. Don't trust stuff on the internet.