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Hi Bridgette: Thanks so much for attending our founder's online demo and getting on the list for a free charger once we've filled the orders to our paying pre-order customers.

Its hard to know how to respond to your comment because it is such a long list of misunderstandings and misinformation about other products on the internet.

We do have you registerd for the free charger and I see that we have been honoring our promise of sending you update emails every week since you signed up. The system indicates that you opened some of those update emails in the early weeks but have not been following progress more recently.

I hope you'll take the time to look again. We're doing something no other company - let alone one as small as us - has attempted before. We'd love to have you supporting us along the way.
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Saw an ad on facebook for a free wallcharger. Honestly, I don't even need a wallcharger and if I did I could just buy one BUT it was sorta cool looking. So I figured I'd go ahead and see where the catch is because I'm sure there is a catch.

So here is the catch folks. TONS of people have paid 50+ $ for these wallchargers during a kickstarter from this company. Bunch of people didn't receive their chargers!

NOW the company is convincing people to watch a 30 minute video with the promise of a free wallcharger that doesn't exist, with the intentions to sell another non-existent device that you will never get?

So they scammed a ton of individuals with the promise of a wallcharger and now they promise a wallcharger free to convince people to buy something else. And I guess some people got their chargers and some didn't.

Also, now you can buy these same chargers that this guy is telling you is valued at $30 for $12.50 on amazon

Where you can see tons of negative reviews. The company not honoring their warranties, not receiving, not working... generally just a lot of complaints. Funny, because the video they make you watch tells how they raised the most money that 20x less than usual people returned and how much people loved them lol.

I'm like 15 minutes in now and it's worse than watching QVC... the person convincing you that you need a strawberry corer or you can't go on living your life lol. Just terrible. Terrible way to try and sell things and terrible way to scam people.

Save your time, report the ad on facebook as a scam and do not be bothered to invest any time OR MONEY in this company. This is a shady shady practice that no matter how cool their stuff is should not be supported!

OMG and when they FINALLLLLLY many many minutes in show you the items they wanna show you.... SOOOOO ANTI CLIMATIC. They are huge clunky, the same freaking plastic that they accuse others of using... AWFUL.



Decided I was invested this far might as well watch it all the way through. As a review on the item wouldn't be a terrible idea. Ok so now where is my promised charger?

OHHHHH I don't really get it. I have to pay for it. It costs $14.... so I can "buy" it from Amazon cheaper.

Super disappointing company. I'm fine with buying things. Sell it, I will buy it. Don't be a scammer though. Then you aren't trustworthy.

Product or Service Mentioned: Magfast Charger.

Reason of review: Didn't deliver on promises.

Monetary Loss: $50.

Preferred solution: Company argues item is valued at $50. I propose they paypal me the $50 promised since it doesn't require shipping. .

MAGFAST Cons: Being scammed.

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If you look on Twitter...the same guy makes MAGFAST and thingCHARGER. They are both made by the same company.


Am I the only one who is smart enough to realize that it says “you’ll get your free charger when we ship”??? Says this several times in the video and on the site. Dang people always wanting something for nothing ....


They're already well over a year behind on shipping, & their previous charger startup Thingcharger shut down leaving thousands of complaints, an F rating from the Better Business Bureau, & this warning: Many more red flags. Buyer beware.


File here


thingcharger was the original product and company. They're cheap on Amazon, because there are no updates on the old product and the company shut down.

The video was pretty clear in showing the differences between the original product and the new one.

I'd be more concerned that the original company had to shut down due to issues than in trying to compare an old model to new. Hopefully they learned from past mistakes in this new product and company.


Thingcharger has thousands of consumer complaints, an F from the Better Business Bureau which published a warning about them. Buyer beware.


I was scared of $150, no response from Magfast when requested for a refund.


I wished I would have googled this before I bought it.....Just got charged....too soon to know if I will get it or not


Did you ever recieve it?


I checked on their website and under FAQs it says they're not beginning to ship until summer 2019


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