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Thanks for coming back to pre-order even more MAGFAST Chargers!! Yes I'm sorry it looks like our password account security system had a bug that temporarily locked you out.

We’re serious about your privacy and keeping your data secure (see and I’m sorry that locking you out got in the way of your second order attempts.

I apologize also we didn’t get back to you more quickly. Looks like everything is resolved now :)
Bogalusa, Louisiana

Sanja, of Magfast Customer Service, sent me a link to enable me to order the same product set with discount offers as I had received after watching the entire 1-hour infomercial. It didn’t have the promised discount offers.

When I tried to just order the Pro-Kit at the infomercial discount, it wouldn’t let me do it since the company already had my email. I am trying hard to be their customer, but they are making it very frustrating.

I am wondering if I should just cancel all my orders from Magfast and forget the whole thing! Sad

Product or Service Mentioned: Magfast Customer Care.

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