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Hi Christina:

We’re still thrilled with your email from a few weeks ago:

"Hello!! I just feel compelled to let you all know that I'm super impressed with your imaginations and such beautiful creativity! I always read the email product updates that you send me and I've not lost interest! That says quite a lot.

I truly appreciate you allowing me to feel like I'm a little part of this! Seymour, your enthusiasm about designing the perfect wireless charger has been infectious and I would like to thank you for that ... the excitement, that is. Thank you so much!

Keep up the great work! “

I assure you we’ll not stop until we’ve got these fantastic products in everyone’s hands!

Please check your email folders for as we’ve replied to the ticket you sent to Customer Service and not heard back!

Thanks for being part of MAGFAST :)
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Update by user May 26, 2019

I've still not recieved my product & this (the email I'm responding to at this moment) is the ONLY response I've gotten from y'all. No, I not very happy. If it was finally sent out, I'm sure it was sent to the wrong address as wr moved into our new residence back in January 2019 and it's apparent that we're not getting ALL of our mail forwarded.

Original review posted by user Apr 24, 2019

To thre woman named Andrea who is knocking us by stating "was I the only one smart enough". No, you're NOT the ONLY smart person working reviews, But so tempted to use an expletive as my preferred adjective to describe you, but I will attempt to remain adult here.

Darlin, I paid for my Magfast Charger MONTHS ago!! So long ago my dear that I cannot even recall what month I ordered it. Yes, Seymour stated that the free products would ship "as he got around to them AFTER shipping the products which were paid for. So little Miss Thing, just how long do YOU believe I should be patient? I live on a fixed income and I (STUPIDLY) allowed myself to get caught up in Seymour's excitement and positivity towards this product. I just wrote him yet ANOTHER letter regarding this (oohh ... byw, no response at all for the 1st one) issue. I am not happy and to read some comment from someone like you just adds to how pissed off I am!! I figure that you're PROBABLY an employee for Magfast.

Pardon my rant to all of you other review reviewers (that sounds odd), but id you paid for yours too, I'm sure that you're on board with me.

Hope y'all have a great day!

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