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Mykal - thanks for joining us on this journey. Can't wait to get these products in your hands. Thanks for your thoughts and we'll pass on your comments.

The person that is doing the presentation doesn't seem very relaxed or excited at the start. It is important to lose the nervous energy to increase rate of sales.

The video is very long and not very engaging - there are a few moments that are very interesting (like the "opening of the case", the crowdfunding story and many of the jokes) but overall I would make the presentation more like when they went on TV. The overuse of rhetorical questions wasn't good.

Having a streamlined focus on the product that goes over quality of the circuits (better performance, better product life, etc) the unique features common on all the "family" (magnetic connections, multiple outputs, clean design) and then important highlights on specifics (battery life in charges for "life", able to start a car with "pro life + attachment", smart phone charger, phone/tablet unit, etc) would be more impactful. Including the jokes like "beautiful life" when talking about it's design must be used to break up the thick information but the lack of confident display of product lowers sale rates.

User's recommendation: Magfast is worth keeping an eye out for new product design/market disruptions.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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