Yes we have been waiting a long time for Magfast..... but let’s really think about what we’re waiting on......

quality. These products are being perfected so that when we get them, we won’t say...’this is what I’ve waited for???’ I recently reached out to Magfast to ask for some more concrete info on the timeline. The response I received was a phone message from Seymour Segnit himself. After a few days of phone tag, I engaged in a 1/2 hour delightful conversation with Seymour.

He could have said a lot of fluff that would make me feel better as an investor but instead we discussed progress and he even asked me for my opinion. I’ve been with this company as a backer since the Thing Charger (which I still use daily) and although Seymour couldn’t personally reply to every person .... the fact that he reached out to me was impressive. He’s not making promises and not delivering .....

I for one am excited to see these products and am willing to wait for quality! Thanks Magfast and thank you Seymour.

Product or Service Mentioned: Magfast Customer Care.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

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