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As a business owner myself, I was actually quite pleased with the marketing here. I, too, agree with the approach of being 100% open, honest, and transparent about marketing especially at product/company launch.

I was very impressed by the objectivity, the truth in advertising, as well as a transparent look in to what it costs us to make things for customers. Good on you for providing that info to your potential customers. Tech wise, this product family is in an excellent direction! Qi charging has not had much forward motion in the last few years and it has left some manufacturers in the dust seemingly giving up on the most customer pleasing as well as environment pleasing solutions.

While I believe it is a well-placed block by accessory manufacturers keeping primary corps from developing tech to accomplish this, seeing a company like yours taking it and steamrolling down the road is invigorating and highly appreciated. I look forward to your progress, receiving your product, and hoping to expand my usage in the near future.

User's recommendation: This family of products IS the future and it IS a proven tech. Get with one of the few companies out there looking to actually provide enhanced capabilities in this market.

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