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MagFast is one of the most honest and caring companies that I have ever had the pleasure to do business with. They bend over backwards trying to satisfy their customers and keep them informed and up to date.

The MagFast Team are all very nice people and always get back to you, no matter how trivial your question or issue might be. I have used the original MagFast Home Chargers at home and at work ever since they were available, and they all work wonderfully. The newest MagFast family of charging products, which will be hitting worldwide markets in 2019, have all been updated and are so cool and unique in the way they all connect magnetically and work seamlessly together, making charging of all your personal electronic devices (phones, tablets, smart watches, etc.) very simple and easy.

Whether you need portable charging on the fly or just an easy, virtually wireless charger that is as easy and convenient as a regular electrical outlet, or even if you need to jump start your vehicle, MagFast has a sturdy, reliable charging product that will work for you. The MagFast Family of Charging Products are truly the only chargers that you will ever need!

Product or Service Mentioned: Magfast Charger.

Reason of review: Good quality.

MAGFAST Pros: Honesty and direct approach of founders.

Location: 1 Grandview Ave, Cornwall-On-Hudson, NY 12520, USA

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To: IJ Surname - My review is genuine and is based on my true, personal experience. There is nothing fake about it.

You don't know me or my experience. I am just trying to let people who are interested know about my experience and knowledge. If you do not like it, then print your own review. Don't comment on my honest opinion and positive experience with MAGFAST.

I do not work for them. I am a satisfied customer who appreciates what they are creating. I have my own business hundreds of miles away and it has nothing at all to do with the MAGFAST business. I just believe in the good people in that company and their products.

Stop playing detective, and making untrue assumptions Columbo. There is no conspiracy here!


Yeah, it's just a total coincidence that your address is exactly the same as the company but you have no affiliation other than a happy customer of products that are only available for preorder. Got it. I guess you were just visiting their office when you posted your review along with at least 4 other posters on here.


I am sure your employer is pleased with your effort to combat negative reviews. Let's see, you're at the same address as the company's office; created this account on the same day as your review and have not had any further account activity. Stop with the fake positive reviews.


Cornwall-on-Hudson is where the Segnit's live. In other words, phony review.


My review is not phony at all. The MAGFAST chargers are really great!

My review came from my personal experience and from my heart. I already know where the Segnit's live, but what does that have to do with my review or with the MAGFAST products? If you had one of their chargers and used it, you would be very happy with it and you would agree with my review.

Soon you will be able to buy one of the Wall chargers and all the rest of the family of chargers and I hope you do. Then you can do your own real review and I bet it will be a sincerely positive review.

@Paul T Bjl

Did you get a product? Segnit's previous charger startup Thingcharger has THOUSANDS of complaints alleging he scammed them, an F from the BBB who published this warning: https://www.bbb.org/us/ny/cornwall-hdsn/profile/battery-charging/thingcharger-inc-0121-15****/details#Pattern-of-Complaint Alert: Pattern of Complaint BBB files indicate a pattern of complaints concerning delivery fulfillment and advertising for thingCHARGER, Inc.

Consumers tell BBB about ordering one or more charging devices from the company, and being charged for them, but after several weeks, months or even one year have gone by, the merchandise is not received A number of consumers say that after the order was placed, they find out that thingCHARGER, Inc. is conducting a crowdfunding campaign and the devices are a gift for participating in that campaign.

These consumers reportedly believed they were ordering merchandise from the company and were unaware that they were contributing to crowdfunding campaign. Most of the these consumers claim that there is inadequate disclosure of the business’s crowdfunding activities.