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Hi Tom: Kate here from MAGFAST answering you. I checked our records and yes thank you for supporting MAGFAST! You did indeed pre-order the MAGFAST Family Pro Kit which includes everything but the MAGFAST Time charger for Apple Watch. I have resent your receipt so...
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Over charged | MAGFAST review

Thank you for contacting us so we could help you! I’m so glad that Amy was able to resolve this with you over the phone and we appreciate your continued support. Please don’t hesitate to email us at with any other questions or concerns!
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Over charged - MAGFAST review
Over charged - MAGFAST review
Over charged - MAGFAST review
Over charged - MAGFAST review

I have been billed a few times different charges on the two cards

My MC and my visa.

I went to my visa when my MC was decline but that was when they were submitting a third charge it was flagged.

Please let me know when the charges are reversed.. or I will have to cancel the order.

I was working with Amy and I am not certain if there was a glitch and I got double charged on some things.

Thank you


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Quote | MAGFAST review

Hi Norah:

Thanks for asking! The answer is that we support ALL these methods of charging, for ALL these devices!

The best thing is to check out our founder Seymour’s online demo where he goes through this in great detail. Pick a time here at:

Here’s a quick explanation:

Most chargers are either designed for yesterday, or tomorrow, either the old charging standards or the new.

But MAGFAST is guaranteed to charge all your stuff from the last 5 years AND the next 10!

We offer the old USB-A and Micro-USB AND the new USB-C and Qi wireless charging - as well as MAGFAST’s own fast, magical, magnetic MAGFAST connection!

So you can charge your iPhone either by placing it right on the wireless charging spot, OR by using the small built-in, swappable cable (which will be faster, because wired charging always is). Or you can remove our little cable and plug in a longer one… old USB-A or the latest USB-C the choice is yours!

It's the same for your Android phone, you’d just swap out the cable - we have cables for the old Micro USB (older Androids etc) Lightning (Apple) and USB-C (for most new products, including some Apple).

As for your MacBook, our current chargers are designed for phones and tablets, and the MacBook is super power-hungry. Even so you can connect it with a cable to our chargers and they’ll charge and extend your battery life significantly.

Hope this helps - thanks for loving what we’re doing!
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I too was a little confused by how I might charge my XR Apple Phone, my Mac Book Pro, my Android Phone. I gather I have to plug my various pieces into the charges or do I just set them on the charger and it charges.

I did not follow how the charging actually works.

I hear wireless but then was shown the little cable that magnetically pops back in and something about changing this head but was not sure why I am changing it, other than if I change equipment. But is that wireless or do I plug in?

I was interested in receiving the gift but was not sure what the cost would be and if it included shipping if I wanted to purchase the Extreme Charger and the car jump cables?


I actually liked the presentation. It showed a lot of thought went into the designs. I was initially interested in the wall charger. | MAGFAST review

I noticed the charger lacked holder for the phone nor was the plug movable to match the different phones. I think your comments about trees is in error. Trees produce O2 as a byproduct during the day, but use it at night to digest the sugar sap they made. The true CO2 removing and O2 producing plants are the Alges in the water. They use the Carbon to make their cell walls and release the O2. When they die they sink taking the carbon to the water's floor. We purchased a similar type of unit several years ago for my grandson. It does not have the wireless ability since it was on the market then. Your prices are much higher.
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Yes I would like to know how much longer I will have to wait for delivery of my purchase. My final payment for my purchase will be in 4 days. | MAGFAST review from San Diego, California

Thank you for supporting our crowdfunding campaign! We send updates every Saturday so our supporters can keep up to date on our progress. Please be sure to check your email for those because I do see that as promised we have been sending these to you regularly.

I don't see that you've contacted our customer service team. Please send any comments or questions over to us at and we'd be happy to help you!
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Updates | MAGFAST review from Orlando, Florida

Hey Mary:

Thanks so much for joining our MAGFAST family! And thanks for checking in.

We send out updates pretty much every week (founder Seymour does, very occasionally, take off holiday weekends).

I checked and we’ve been sending them to your email address like clockwork as promised - so maybe check your email filters please?

Any updates you miss just visit and click on updates. In the meantime, watch this one right away, the first prototypes just came in and Seymour demos them like a kid in a candy shop!
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Lack of updates on the progress.
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Send updates on when it will be ready and sent.

I ordered my MagFast charger kit 4/26/19. I am paying $67 monthly.

I understand the concept of the funding.

I just thought I would receive updates on when the MagFast would be ready to send and have not received anything but the receipt in my email. When do you think it will be sent as I am anxiously waiting?

Mary Jane Brother

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MAGFAST Products and Services

Hi Ray! I would love to help you. I do not see a pre-order under the email address you have provided, though. Could you please send me the email address under which you placed your pre-order?

Our inaugural launch was in March of 2017. If you placed your pre-order 3 or 4 years ago perhaps it was with a different company.

You can always send questions or concerns to
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First magfast and service is an oxymoron.

I truly believe it is a con. Invested in their imaginary product 3 or 4 yrs ago. Gave up a long time ago expecting anything from the people.

Hi Christina: We’re still thrilled with your email from a few weeks ago: "Hello!! I just feel compelled to let you all know that I'm super impressed with your imaginations and such beautiful creativity! I always read the email product updates that you send me and...
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So far I;m waiting | MAGFAST review

We're so glad that you were able to write in to our customer service and get quick answers. As we said in our email to you there, thank you so much for your patience and support as we move towards shipping.

We're sure that you'll be thrilled with your premium package! MAGFAST is a preorder company built on the support and patience of people just like you. So, thank you, without you this wouldn't be possible.
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  • Nice video
  • Handling order
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Order processing issue
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Deliver product or service ordered

Magfast sent me an email letting me know that I made a pre-order and my order should be filled in a few months, I hope that this is the case....

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Issue not resolved | MAGFAST review from Bogalusa, Louisiana

Thanks for coming back to pre-order even more MAGFAST Chargers!! Yes I'm sorry it looks like our password account security system had a bug that temporarily locked you out.

We’re serious about your privacy and keeping your data secure (see and I’m sorry that locking you out got in the way of your second order attempts.

I apologize also we didn’t get back to you more quickly. Looks like everything is resolved now :)
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Sanja, of Magfast Customer Service, sent me a link to enable me to order the same product set with discount offers as I had received after watching the entire 1-hour infomercial. It didn’t have the promised discount offers.

When I tried to just order the Pro-Kit at the infomercial discount, it wouldn’t let me do it since the company already had my email. I am trying hard to be their customer, but they are making it very frustrating.

I am wondering if I should just cancel all my orders from Magfast and forget the whole thing! Sad