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I’m glad you like our products and I’m sorry the video isn’t for you. We’re doing something very different at MAGFAST. There’s lots of not-so-great chargers out there. We’re a startup working to make something way, way better. It’s a long journey and we feel that if we’re going to ask folks to support us over the long term we should explain everything fully first. That’s why we host a long-form online demo, instead of just a quick 1 minute video.

No-one is obliged to watch Seymour’s demo/presentation. When people do, however, we want to know if they like it so for a while now we’ve been asking them to rate it at the end. I just checked and the average rating is XXXX (4.83?) star rating, so people clearly like it a lot.

This video reeks of MLM - Multi Level Marketing / Scam ?

Product or Service Mentioned: Magfast Charger.

Reason of review: Video ....

MAGFAST Pros: Product.

MAGFAST Cons: Video.

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